Hi everyone!

When people hear my name, they ask whether my parents were fans of Matrix. No, they weren’t! 🙂 To prove that, I usually tell I was born two years earlier than the movie was even released. Ok, no more suspense. My name is Trinity. Yes, just like Neo’s girlfriend 🙂 It wasn’t that bad when I was little. But when I grew up, it turned out that I also actually look a lot like Trinity! At first, that kind of amused me. I even had my hair cut and dyed and bought an ankle-long black leather coat 🙂 But after a few Halloweens, it started to get on my nerves. However, those few years of cosplay weren’t for nothing – they brought out my acting talent. Now I work as a costume maker at the Public Theater and also play secondary roles in some shows. I do hope to get a big role worth the great Trinity’s namesake one day, though! 🙂


Holidays and paintings

Are you a holiday goer?

Today it’s trendy to hate holidays. Many of my friends grumble that it’s always same old stuff, all about useless traditions and tiring fuss. Some of them spend all holidays at home, just to make a point, routinely eating pizza and staring at their laptop screens. As for me, this is boring. You may call me outdated, but I love holidays. It’s a chance to break out of our daily circle of plans and responsibilities, just relax and have fun. I never miss out on a single holiday, be it Christmas or city day celebration. I take great care to decorate my place accordingly and put all my imagination into it. Doing that makes me happy and allows me to feel the special atmosphere of the day. After all, what would our life be without a little magic? It happened so that I found this magic in the least expected place – the internet 🙂 Let me tell you more about it…

Something to cheer you up

Look at a painting here – does it raise your holiday mood? It doesn’t depict any particular holiday, but you can feel joy and anticipation in the air. Maybe it is due to the bright colors used by the artist, or his unusual style, or the very composition of the picture. I’m not an expert in art and I can’t tell for sure. I judge paintings according to my personal impressions. This one has definitely gotten to me! I was amazed so much by the beauty of this scenery that I started looking for other works by this artist. And there turned out to be plenty of them! By the way, his name is Leonid Afremov. And if you still haven’t seen his canvases, you should do it immediately! There is a wide assortment to choose from:

  • Magnificent street and park views sparkling with colorful lights and fantastic hues
  • Romantic seascapes and delicate landscapes that will make you feel the charm of nature even within four concrete walls.
  • Beautiful portraits depicting graceful ballerinas, passionate musicians and lover couples strolling in the park.
  • Exquisite flower paintings and dish sets that you can hang in your living room.
  • Finally, my favorite category – paintings of our dear pets, fluffy cats and cute puppies!

So what, can you feel that holiday mood is on? Hope my little art tip will prove helpful to you!

image (4)



Theater? Why not!

Let’s face it, theater isn’t as popular today anymore. With all those fascinating 3D effects flashing at us from the cinema screen and a giant choice of movies popping off the production line one by one, a minimum of theater decorations and no camerawork are just not enough to trigger the audience. Besides, most people associate theater with centuries-old plays full of dust and pomp. Let me assure you, it has nothing to do with today’s business! It might surprise you, but people still keep writing for the theater and some of the recent plays I saw are truly spectacular, thought-provoking and mesmerizing! Check out this one, for instance https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L92sja6Wu9Y&list=PLa_M-ZfMhcObKuie2qALfMef5w898wX7s. Can you call it old-fashioned? Or boring? As a person that is directly related to theater, I’m telling you – it’s too early to discard this ancient and highly respected type of art 🙂 The world keeps changing every year, every day. And theater evolves together with it. How can you judge about something if you never even tried it? I bet your last visit to the theater was in middle school 🙂 Why don’t you give it a shot and buy a ticket to one of the modern plays running all over the country? I promise, you won’t regret it!